About Kris

AboutPicKris was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and has lived in the distinctly culturally different north, central, and southern regions of the state as well as southern Arkansas, upstate New York, and southeast Georgia. She grew up on snipe hunts and tales of the loup garou and was always quick with a tall tale or ghost story of her own. She was drawing before she learned to read or write but grew away from artwork when she realized her pictures were all about the story no matter what medium she used.

She was editor of her high school newspaper and the Monroe Mensa LocSec newsletter until college. She took a detour into life sciences only to return to art, but no matter where her wending career choices have taken her, she has never stopped writing or devouring books.

During her time in Savannah, Georgia, a region steeped in storytelling and history, she was privileged to contribute to the oral tradition of the area by working as a tour guide and freelance storyteller, as well as taking a brief stint as host of a local poetry slam. She currently resides in Northeast Louisiana and co-hosts Write Club in Monroe at the Ouachita Parish Library.

Her superpower is eating more crawfish than you can. She strongly encourages you to challenge her in this during crawfish season, especially if you happen to catch her in her home state.