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As is often the case with moving, there have been some disruptions to my schedule. This means that updates to the blog for now will continue to be just regular-ish, but it doesn’t mean that I am not busy working behind the scenes on some ongoing projects and some exciting new things.

The first news is about the Monster Mayhem anthology which was so generously funded on Kickstarter. Although there have been a few delays, we are plugging away to get the book out. I am still working on edits, and many of the prizes for backers have been printed and are being mailed out. We will also have a table at Geekonomicon in Biloxi, Mississippi, December 11-13 of 2015, so if you’re in the area, stop by to say hello, meet some of the artists and writers, and pick up some cool stuff! I’ll be there.

In other news, I’m pleased to say that I am currently in collaboration with a talented comic artist and friend, Cat Santos, for an entry in this year’s Webtoon’s Superhero Comics Contest. Our entry will be up by December 13, and I’ll be sure to post the link so you can check it out. I’m confident you’ll love Cat’s work as much as I do.

Lastly, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be changing up the content and format of the blog. In addition to continuing to work on short stories for the magazine market, I’ll be dipping my toes into the water of interactive fiction/games with Twine. If you’re not familiar with Twine games (or the fascinating debate surrounding whether they are indeed games at all) you should check it out here at I’ll be posting character profiles and all sorts of supplemental material in the coming months in addition to links to finished products as they’re completed.

Next week I’ll talk a little more about Twine and the enjoyment of interactive fiction in addition to why I’ve decided to go this route for one particular story that has been with me for a long time now but has yet to see the light of day. I hope you’ll enjoy this new project as much as I have so far. The blog should be back to a more regular schedule by the first week in December.

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