Roadblocks – Part II: Once X happens, I’ll write!

This isn’t just a roadblock to writing. This type of thinking can prevent you from accomplishing all sorts of goals. The world is full of would-be writers who are certain they have a novel in them once the kids graduate, or once they have more time to themselves from work, or any number of excuses. I’ll share a secret with you that I’ve discovered over time the hard way. There will always be reasons not to write or accomplish other dreams. Once the kids graduate, you’ll decide to downsize and move. Once you do that, you’ll spend time fixing up the new place, and so on.

Don’t wait. If you want to write and it’s a goal that means something to you, then make time in your schedule to do it regularly. If you can only manage an hour here or an hour there every day, then start there. Find ways to budget your time. Enlist friends and loved ones to help keep you on track with your goals. Explain that you need time free of distractions. Set up call and e-mail free times with friends and family. Create an office space in your house, however small, where you can work without interruptions.

Then do it. No excuses. The only way you’ll improve is by practice, and the only way you’ll succeed is by having completed works, submitting them, and being persistent. ┬áIt’s like that CCR song title says. “Someday never comes.” Make today the day you take the first step toward your dream, and once you start, keep going. There is no better time than now, and there never will be. I have written through emergency home repairs, full-time jobs, and am currently writing through a cross-country move. I am finally starting to see some small successes in getting paid for my work. I am determined to have more.

None of it would have been possible if I kept waiting.

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2 thoughts on “Roadblocks – Part II: Once X happens, I’ll write!”

    1. If you’re doing that right now, then yes! It was written for you (and everyone else rowing that boat.) Put down those oars. Jump in and swim for high ground! I’m sure I can find more ways to milk the metaphor, but you get the picture. Write!

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