Writing Exercise 5 – A spark word exercise

In The Writer’s Block, spark words are one or two words accompanied by a photo meant to inspire a story. You can go off the word, the picture, or both, and it doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation. It’s just meant to get the creative juices flowing.

Spark word: P.O.W.

He didn’t like war stories. When his buddies came over and got to drinking, the stories would start, each more outrageous than the last. That’s the only time I can remember my larger than life uncle getting quiet. Sometimes the guys would notice and nudge each other, shoot significant looks, and the subject would change to red haired Gina with the gams for miles, or that catfishing trip that ended with Walter sticking his arm down a hole and coming out of it with two hundred stings and a new, healthy respect for ground wasps.

I asked my Mom about it. “Well, you know, honey, of course he wouldn’t like to talk about it. We thought he was dead for eight months, but they had him. The Germans.”

I didn’t have enough history under my belt to get it, not really, so all I knew of p.o.w. camps for a long time was a furtive, haunted look in eyes I was used to seeing filled with laughter, and by the time I had the context, I was afraid to ask. As far as I know, he went to his grave with those memories unspoken, letting that chapter in his life truly die, a dark shadow in his bright light.

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