Writing Exercise 4 – Good beginnings

Prompt: Begin in the middle. Write your own opening line that begins in the middle. Establish characters, situations, and conflicts with a few choice words. Then drop your readers right smack in the center.

They said it was a bad idea. I was thinking battery licking bad. Maybe bobby pin in the light socket bad. I didn’t think Kirsten and me’d be running down East 9th at 1 AM with an angry flash mob chasing us. I’m not exaggerating. Some of these maniacs are still wearing tap shoes. The pounding of their feet is a sharp, concussive rat-a-tat-tat that reminds me of Tommy gun sound effects from Saturday afternoon gangster movies with the folks.

We’d probably be better off being chased by gangsters. Dancers are in great shape. I’m already huffing phlegmy Darth Vader breaths. Kirsten’s hand in mine is sweaty, but she’s got a grip like a pit bull. “Babe. Babe, your nails are killing me!”

“Shut up!” Everything she manages comes out in short bursts, not too different from our usual conversations, I guess, just louder. “Fire escape.” She points ahead. It’s rusty and looks like maybe it’s only halfway invested in clinging to the side of the building. The ladder is hanging too low. Good for us. We’re not dancers fueled by espresso and rage. At this point, I’ll take salvation with a side of wtf am I doing. It beats death by flash mob. Can you imagine that obit?

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2 thoughts on “Writing Exercise 4 – Good beginnings”

    1. Starting in the middle is something we did frequently in Write Club for our exercises. This one might get turned into its own story. It was a fun one.

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